Only Javascript-based Document Viewer

This is a Javascript library that allows you to browse Pdf & MS-Office 2007 or later documents without a separate server by using a web browser.

Product Features

Online & Offline

If you have an Internet browser, you can view documents online and offline without installing any programs.

Superior security

You do not need to worry about server resources and security because you do not need a separate server to browse documents in your Internet browser.

Easy installation

You can easily create a document viewer by downloading and importing a Javascript file. It is also system-independent, so you do not need to modify your existing system.

High document compatibility

Based on the technology of Kukudaks HTML5 integrated viewer and image rendering technology that can render image file which can not be verified by browser such as wmf, tiff, etc., Web browser provides high document compatibility.


OS Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

Browser Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox

Buy JS Document Viewer License

  • 30 days

  • not ui source code

  • not update


  • 1 domain

  • unlimited sub domain

  • 1 year of free Update

  • custom ui source code


  • unlimited number of derived works

  • royalty free distribution

  • 1 year of free Update

  • custom ui source code