Document Viewer based on SaaS APIs

This is a cloud document viewer solution that allows you to access various documents, such as MS Office, PDF, and Image, without commercial programs in Desktop and Mobile App.


Multi-platform & cross-browser

Non-ActiveX based, allowing you to view documents anywhere, anytime, regardless of OS and Internet browser.

Supporting various document formats

Supports more than 40 different document formats including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pdf, Hwp.

Easy sharing of documents

You can easily share documents in Mail, Messenger, SNS, etc. by URL calling method.

Excellent document compatibility

Through the Document Filter technique of Kukudocs, the document provides excellent document compatibility through direct parsing of documents.

Quick document viewing

You can quickly check the document using the minimal HTML element for the document.


You can configure HTML Element documents to link with various services such as search and translation.



Windows & Windows Server 2008 or later CentOS 6.x & Redhat 6.0 or later


OS: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android Browser: Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox